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viernes, 14 de diciembre de 2012

Treatment Cough with Pediatric Chinese Massage

Cough is the most common symptom in respiratory system of pediatrics. It is a protective reflection an through which, the foreign substance and secretion in respiratory tract are drained away.

Etiopathology of cought according to TCM

Infant is immature, due to insecurity of defensive function, infant tends to catch exterior pathogens and the lung fails to purify and ventilate. Where is the adverserse rising of Lung Qi, there is cough. Moreover, infantile spleen and stomach are tender. If raw and cold milk or food impairs them, the spleen fails to transport, and phlegm-turbidity is engendered interior, which is deposited in the lung. Then the lung fails to purify and ventilate, inducing cough. In addition, infantile innate endowment is insufficient and lung and Spleen Qi are deficient, so infantile cough ususally has syndrome of Lung impairment or Lung and Spleen Qi deficiency. Though causes of infantile cough are diverse, the only single mechanism is the function of lung is affected.

Treatment according to syndrome differentiation with massage

Pattern of Wind-cold: This cough is characterized by frequent cough, terribly itching throat, thin and whitish phlegm, a stuffy nose, nasal discharge, aversion to cold, no sweat, fever, headache, thin and white fur. 

Arc-pushing bagua point, clearing liver meridian point and lung meridiant point, and pushing four transverse crease point.

Arc-pushing bagua point
Pattern of Wind-Heat: this cough is characterized by cough, sticky and yellow phlem, sore throat, thirsty, turbid nasal discharge, fever, headache, aversion to wind, slightly sweating, thin and yellowish fur.

Treatment: Arc-pushing bagua point, clearing liver meridian point and lung meridiant point,and stomach meridian point, and pushing six fu point

Pattern of Phlem-dampness: It is characterized by recurrent cough with deep and harsh wound, cough induced by phlegm and relieve by spitting the phlegm, cough aggravated in the morning and after eating, no appetite, lassitude, occasional loose stool, greasy and whithish fur.

Treatment: Clearing manipulation lung meridian point, pushing spleen meridian pointo to and fro, arc-pushing bagua point.

Pushing spleen meridian pointo to and fro

Pattern of Yin deficiency: This cough is characterized by dry and brief cough, sticky and whitish phlegm in small amounts, dry mouth and throat, feverish sensation in palms and soles, night sweat, red tongue and scarce fur.

Treatment: Clearing manipulation on lung meridian point for longer duration, pushing spleen meridian point to and for, kneading erma point.

Pattern of Lung deficiency: This cough is characterized by cough lack of strength, watery and whitish phlegm, pale complexion, short breath, reluctant to speak, easy to sweat even by a slight movement, no appetite, loose stool, pale tongue.

Treatment: Kneading erma, pushing spleen meridian point to and fro.

 Pediatric Chinese Massage is normally used in kids from 0-3 years old

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